Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate to any of these projects?

The Dutch Heart Foundation is offering talented scientists a chance to raise funds for their innovative research proposals. We have asked them to think outside the box, and come up with promising new hypotheses to accelerate the fight against cardiovascular diseases.  

We expect that these original and innovative research proposals, that represent a new way of thinking, might result in a major step forward in fighting and curing heart diseases. We believe they might even lead to a scientific breakthrough! 

Your support of the proposals is crucial to us. The Dutch Heart Foundation will double your donation (Hartstichting Verdubbelaar), and 100% of your donation will support the project of your choice.

Furthermore, the scientists are offering you a number of unique rewards for your donation, including a guided tour around their research facility, and a meet & greet with the scientist.

What is the 'Hartstichting Verdubbelaar'?

The 'Hartstichting Verdubbelaar' (Doubler) will double your donation to any given project, until the target amount of the project has been reached.

Why is my email-address mandatory? 

The Dutch Heart Foundation uses the data collected to supply our donors with the following services: in order to complete a donation, we need your name and email address to execute the payment and contact you about your chosen reward. Furthermore, in case the target amount is not reached at the end date of the campaign, we will contact you about refunding your donation. If you give specific permission, we will be happy to keep you up to date about our crowdfunding campaigns and projects.

What is the rol of the Hartstichting/Dutch Heart Foundation?

The Dutch Heart Foundation has implemented this platform to facilitate the scientists in the crowdfunding efforts. This crowdfunding platform only accepts project proposals that are approved by the Dutch Heart Foundation, based on their innovation potential and scientific quality.

The Dutch Heart Foundation strives to finance projects that are supported by patients, health care professionals companies and the general public. Therefore, any donation to a given project will be doubled, until the target amount has been reached.

What happens when the target amount has not been reached at the end date of the project?

In case the target amount of the project has not been reached, we will contact (via e-mail) anyone who has donated to that specific project. The donors are given the choice, whether they would like their donation reimbursed, or donated to another related research project.

Where can I find more information about the research projects?

If you would like to receive more information about a project, please contact us at

When can I excpect my reward?

The end-date of the crowdfunding campaigns is set on April 25th. When the target amount has been reached by the end date, you will be contacted as soon as possible about your reward.

What happens with the money I donated?

100% of your donation will be allocated to the project of your choice. .

Is it possible for our company to support any of the projects?

Yes of course. As a reward, we can show your company's logo on specific project page. If you would like to donate more, please do not hesitate to contact us at  can

Where can I find more information?

Please e-mail your question to Ellen Janssens, at Your question will be answered as soon as possible.