Corporate donations

As a socially responsible company, you are naturally keen to make an impact with your donation. This crowdfunding is the perfect opportunity to do just that. By donating, your company will directly impact important cardiovascular research.


Impact and result

You personally select the research that benefits from your donation. In that way, you will know exactly which innovative research your company supports.


Unique benefits

For companies, there are some additional benefits. You can have your logo displayed on the research page, for example. Do you want to make a considerable donation, or do you have a specific compensation in mind? We would love to hear from you at


Donate and get tax relief

Donating money to charity is gift giving. Because the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) is a Public Benefit Organisation, ordinary and periodic gifts are deductible from income tax. If you donate to a research project on this website and want to get tax relief, then:

  • Make sure you are able to demonstrate that you made the gift, for example by means of bank statements or receipts
  • The total donation must be more than the threshold amount
  • In total not more than the maximum is tax-deductible

On the website of the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) you can find detailed information and specifics about donating.


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