How does it work?

The talented researchers are very eager to start their research. Their innovative project ideas go off the beaten track and that is often exactly where real innovation begins. However, to make a breakthrough happen, they need you.


1. Pick your favourite research

Choose your favourite groundbreaking research project.


 2. Donate and receive a gift

Your donation goes directly to the research of your choice. To thank you for your contribution, you will receive a gift from the researcher, such as a book, a guided lab-tour or the researcher's favourite chocolate.


3. Every donation is doubled

As soon as the researcher hits the 25,000 euros, the Dutch Heart Foundation doubles all donations! The researcher can still continue crowdfunding. DHF will double up to 60,000 euros.


4. Innovative research starts

Thanks to you the research can start. Your contribution to reducing cardionvascular diseases is of great importance!


Select a research



Out of the box works

From experience we know that innovative research ideas are often succesful, especially for patients. An important discovery often occurs where it is least expected.


Selection by experts

Our experts selected these research projects because of the high potential of unexpected findings. All projects are carefully examined and approved of their scientific quality.


It's is all or nothing

The researchers have until December 8 to get their research funded. It they do not make 25,000 euros by then, their research can't start. That's why every donation is so incredibly important.


Select your favourite groundbreaking research and donate.


Select a research