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“My research can relieve the emotional burden of many people.”

Dr. Paula Mommersteeg, Researcher at Tilburg University

Suppose you have symptoms of tiredness and chest pain. Do you go to your GP or do you wait and see? Thousands of people a year face this choice, especially women. This research will help them make better decisions about their own health. Support my research and make the difference in their lives.


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Not the right treatment

Chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath. These are common symptoms where diagnosis is not always clear. Patients are uncertain and anxious and don’t know what to expect. They often don’t receive the right treatment or are overly treated. They suffer from a heavy emotional burden. The stress and tension it causes can worsen heart disease.

Important decision-making tool

I want to develop a decision-making tool to better prepare the patient for their doctor’s appointment. By interviewing patients who experience symptoms but aren’t diagnosed, I will list the pros and cons of potential next steps. For example, the doctor can prescribe medication, do a follow-up examination or still wait and see for a while. This tool will easily display their options and what to expect.

No more missing out on treatments

This decision-making tool contributes to everybody getting the right treatment. It will prevent people from missing out on treatments or being treated unnecessarily. It will resolve a lot of suffering.

Make the difference

This research may impact hugely on the lives of many people. Your support will really make a difference to their lives!