Using data to prevent heart attacks

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"People who suffered from a heart attack don't always get the right treatment. This big-data research can change that!"

Raymond Noordam, Leiden University Medical Centre 

When you’ve had a heart attack, you want to be sure that you get the right treatment. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. The right type of treatment might vary by age, but too little is known about that. My research wants to change this, to better treat or even save people who suffered from a heart attack. You can make this happen!


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Wrong treatment because of your age

It has recently become known that your age can influence the treatment you need for a heart attack. This is because of biological processes in your body. Medication that works at age 65 might fail you at age 80. This means that a more appropriate treatment might have saved the life of someone who didn’t make it.


Analysing data to save lives

That's why I want to analyse the medical and genetic information of half a million people. We’ll look at risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, but also things like inflammatory factors and body weight. Making links with data from a database will create a lot of new insights. We will be able to discover the reason for a heart attack in various age groups from the age of 65.


No more wrong treatments

We want to make sure that the patient receives the right treatment and does not receive unnecessary medication. By discovering the best age-adjusted treatments, to prevent a heart attack, we can save lives.


Make the difference

This research really touches me on a personal level, because someone close to me died of a heart attack despite receiving treatment. That’s what makes me even more motivated to make a difference. You can support me by donating to my research.