Growing hearts on chips

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"It’s a miracle to see beating heart-muscle cells on a chip. This can save lives!"

Verena Schwach, Twente University


Getting living heart-muscle cells to grow on a chip. It’s already reality. Using this "heart-on-a-chip", we simulate the disease or the patient as accurately as possible. Our goal is to discover new medicines for better treatment. We will then be able to prevent cardiac arrests, cerebral infarctions and heart failures. My research cannot start without your support. Donate and let’s gets the research up and running!


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Living in uncertainty

Almost 400,000 people in the Netherlands live with atrial fibrillation. Disorders of this kind have a huge impact. Cardiac arrhythmias can lead to cardiac arrest, cerebral infarction or heart failure. The patient may even die.


Simulating cardiac arrhythmia

By growing living heart-muscle cells on a chip, we can simulate cardiac arrhythmias. We can generate them with stimuli and try to discontinue medication. This allows us to examine which treatment works for a certain patient or patient group.


Bespoke treatment

This research is working towards bespoke treatment. It will then be possible to give patients suffering from a heart-rhythm disorder far better treatment and greatly increase their chances of a healthy life and survival!


Make the difference

It’s so important for this research to be done. My mother has a heart-rhythm disorder and I can see what a big impact it has on her life. Help her and many others who have this severe condition. Support my research!