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"Being thirsty all the time is intense and possibly unnecessary!"

- Dr Roland van Kimmade, cardiologist at Radboud UMC and nurse specialists Lisette Baltussen and Marjolein Verdijk.


Many heart failure patients are advised to drink less fluids to counter their symptoms. But limiting fluid intake is difficult for a patient who is constantly thirsty. We want to find out once and for all whether or not drinking less is actually useful. Your donation will benefit all heart failure patients!


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Burden for heart-failure patients

Many patients with heart failure continue to deteriorate. What’s more, they have to keep a record of how much they drink every day. They’re very thirsty, it’s a strain and constantly confronts them with their illness. Patients sometimes resort to ice cubes or chewing gum to quench their thirst, or they pat their mouths with a damp washcloth. This research can ease the burden of this disease and improve their quality of life.


Studying whether drinking less really works

To examine whether drinking less is really necessary, we will divide around 500 heart failure patients into two groups. One group will drink a maximum of 1.5 litres of fluid per day, as is usual nowadays. The other group can drink as much as they want. We will carefully monitor the impact of this adjustment to be able to draw conclusions for all patients.


Immediate result

Is it the case that an unlimited intake of fluids does not cause more complaints, and does it lead to a better quality of life? If so, it is not necessary to limit the drinking of fluids. We will then have relieved the patient of a heavy burden. The result of this research will be usable immediately!


Make the difference

The disease itself is bad enough, so it's time to lighten the strain of being thirsty. Our research can get underway with as little as 25,000 euro. Support us!