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In 2018, 8 researchers presented their plans for innovative research projects. They raised the required budget through crowdfunding. And it wasn't the first time; in 2017 and 2016 researchers raised money as well, to be able to conduct their research.



Major stroke? Go straight to the right hospital for life-saving treatment - Dr Jonathan Coutinho & Dr Wouter Potters

Admission to a nursing home or even death. That’s what can happen to you because of a major stroke. It is avoidable, however, by fast diagnosis and immediate transport to a specialised hospital. That’s what we want to achieve through our research.

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Reading out your risk of a heart attack from the placenta - Dr Chahinda Ghossein-Doha

Which women get early cardiovascular diseases because of vascular damage during pregnancy? That’s what I want to predict through my research. To prevent women from falling ill when they’re far too young.

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Identifying problems in the smallest heart vessels by using this new technique - Dr Yolande Appelman & Dr Ed Eringa

A new technique that identifies problems in the smallest blood vessels of the heart. That’s what we want to accomplish through our research. So that we can prevent that women in particular unexpectedly fall victim to a heart attack.

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Preventing strokes in women - Mr Hine van Os, MSc

Too many women do not currently know that they run a high risk of having a stroke.  It means they may receive advice and medication too late for avoiding a stroke. I want to change that.

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Preventing heart muscle disease through an innovative technique - Dr Paul Wijnker

My research focuses on heart muscle disease. That is a serious disorder that can result in cardiac arrest, even at a young age.  Using a new technique, I’m going to explore whether I can correct the impact of genetic errors that underlie this disorder.

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Mindfulness as a way of reducing cardiovascular diseases? - Dr Ellen Rouwet

I am going to examine whether a mindfulness-training course can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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A safe and fast medicine when a stroke occurs - Dr Yaël Nossent

A medicine that the ambulance crew can administer straightaway when a stroke occurs. That is the goal of my research. To save lives and prevent permanent brain damage.

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How can stress cause cardiac arrest? – Dr Anouk Schrantee

How does emotional stress cause heart rhythm disorders that can lead to cardiac arrest? That’s what I want to find out. By doing this I hope to be able to prevent cardiac arrests.

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A better match between donor heart and recipient – Dr Jessica van Setten

If a heart transplant is the only way of saving your life, your ‘new’ heart can still give rise to serious problems. Through my research I want to stop that from happening.

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Faster certainty about your heart – Dr Mark Schuuring and Dayenne Zwaagman

If doctors and patients make greater use of available technology, such as apps, the doctors will be able to act sooner in the event of life-threatening situations. What’s more, it would avoid a lot of anxiety and uncertainty among patients.

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Does the female cycle affect heart complaints? – Dr Jeanine Roeters van Lennep

I want to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases among women. To do this I’m conducting research into the monthly fluctuations of female hormones.

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Can a simple aspirin reduce infarctions after pneumonia? – Jeske van Diemen, BSc and Dr Wessel Fuijkschot

We think that the inflammation causes the blood platelets to clot more easily and thus cause blood clots in the vessels of the heart and brain.  If that is indeed the case, it is possible to prevent many of these infarctions. We don’t need to invent any new and expensive medicines for this purpose.

It can be accomplished very easily and cheaply, with a simple aspirin. This medicine slows coagulation and thus reduces the risk of blood clots that can close off a blood vessel in the heart or brain.

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Growing older healthily with young blood vessels – Dr Anton Roks

I’ve got a new idea that might be able to stop the ageing of blood vessels; I think that the cells in blood vessels can protect themselves and each other against ageing.

I want to find out exactly how this works, so that we can stimulate this protective effect by means of nutrition and medication. I also want to discover early signs that point towards this ageing of blood vessels, so that we know when to apply these treatments.

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