How to donate

The Dutch Heart Foundation is offering talented scientists a chance to raise funds for their innovative research proposals. We have asked them to think outside the box, and to come up with promising new hypotheses to accelerate the fight against cardiovascular diseases.  

Support the project of your choice!

All projects can only start if the target amount is reached by the end date. 

Your support is crucial! Donate to the project of your choice and/or share that project with your friends.

In the unfortunate case that the target amount is not reached by the end date, donations will be refunded to the donors.

How to donate?

  • Select the project of your choice
  • Select one of the predetermined donation amounts with the corresponding reward, or enter your own preferred amount
  • The Dutch Heart Foundation will double your donation (the 'Hartstichting Verdubbelaar').
  • 100% of the amount you donate will directly support the project of your choice.

Donate now!

Do you have any questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn't answered there, please mail your question to We will answer your questions as soon as possible!